What People say


"More energized, more focused and more determined to achieve my goals"

I wanted to tell you that all of our sessions, especially the last one, left a really deep impression on me ...

I feel something in me moved as the sessions progressed and I think that I am already a bit braver and firmer (more assertive) person than I've been lately!

Maybe it comes to you as a surprise, but I certainly feel, 10 days after that third session, that it improved the way I am around others and the way I am around my projects. I feel Dexter's 'presence' and energy even though I only just began to know him and I am more energized, more focused and more determined to achieve my goals. That's exactly what I wished for! And I feel that I am ready to take on the coming challenges with more confidence and less fear. 

I don't know if it's supposed to 'work' so quickly and so significantly, but it is more than I ever could have imagined. I am really keen on continuing and further exploring the possibilities of EFL.

Marina, EFL CLient

"A gentle way to get in confrontation with yourself"

"EFL was offered to me at a moment I needed to make an alteration in life, had to find a new fulfilling goal, new aims. I had to move forward, instead of standing still. Not only putting goals, but also attain those. 

Working with you and the herd was a relief. You put me at ease, made me feel comfortable/safe, no pressure, no rush, friendly, patient, all ears, no judgement, just putting questions, which could lead to (new) insights. The herd friendly and inviting. In all, a warm bath.

When someone was considering EFL with HERD, I would encourage them, because it is a gentle way to get in confrontation with yourself. A time of reflection which will make you aware of, give you insights in your own behaviour. Returning to here and now. Get in touch with yourself by getting in touch with the HERD. Pure emotions, also by listening to your own body through the breathing exercises and meditation. Back to basics. Getting grounded.  The elementary things of life."

Marion, EFL & HERD Horsemanship Client

"It was great to take the
time to just be"

I enjoyed working with 2 horses with such unique characters, so different from one another and from the horses I usually work with...

the possibility to be with a horse with the goal of just being with the horse and without the pressure of things to do within a limited timeframe (i.e. catch, groom, tack up, go for a hack, groom again, clean tack etcetera).  It was great to take the time to just be.

Kate, EFL Client

Spending time with the horses makes me very happy

"My daughter looks forward to each session with Kate and a special bond has formed between her and the ponies. From a parent's perspective, I feel the sessions have enabled her to become a more confident and responsible individual whilst developing a greater respect for animals and in addition people. But, perhaps the best testimony is from her, as she says 'mama, spending time with the horses makes me very happy!' And...maybe that is what it is all about, being happy."

Mum of Pony Partnership Client (aged 5yrs)

"More aware of the things that are important for me"

"I think it is a fantastic approach always worth trying. It may lead to new views/horizons in one's life.


The work was very pleasant. The lessons were a good mixture of becoming aware of one's body and the work with the horses. I found that very relaxing, especially being with the horses.


Since attending HERD I am again more aware of things which are important for me. This awareness was lost for many years due to my way of life. It will be easier for me in the future to make decisions suitable for me."


EFL CLient, anonymous by request

"Being able to say 'No'"

"My experience working with you was great. I found you a very approachable, friendly person who I felt really comfortable working with. The horses were also very friendly and sociable and made my experience incredible.  Since our sessions, I have noticed that I have become more confident in approaching people and also being able to say 'no'."

Bethany, EFL Client

I would say “Do it!” To anyone considering coaching

I find Kate supportive, understanding and empathic balanced with being challenging, able to give constructive feedback and hold me to account for actions/choices without judgement


Kate has a huge knowledge about management/leadership/people skills and always shares interesting and relevant models backed up by suggestions for reading/links to talks and sets useful tasks 

I value the time I spend in sessions with Kate and her ability to provide positive feedback and reassurance and generally end a session in a more positive frame of mind

Karen, Coaching client

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