Life's Rich Tapestry - An Ode to Brexit

When I was a teenager I had a Saturday job at a sweet shop and tobacconist in our local town centre. The women who worked there were down-to-earth, irrepressible, and each kind in their own way. They were great teachers.

The Manageress, Betty, regarded all of our quirky customers With what I would now call unconditional positive regard. She would tell entertaining stories that acknowledged the uniqueness and suffering of the human condition with warmth and compassion and usually end her anecdote with the phrase, "all part of life‘s rich tapestry".

I’m almost surprised to acknowledge that it’s over 30 years since I worked in that job but Betty’s phrase has stuck with me and offered solace at times of suffering and discomfort as well as an encouragement to embrace the joy and wonder that life offers

I’m struck by another phrase of solace from the poet and spiritual philosopher Rumi, “The wound is the place where the light enters you“ . I offer this as a prayer for the country of my birth, that following Brexit wounds will be healed, relationships rebuilt.

I acknowledge that this particular blog does not have much of a link to our wonderful herd But one of the things they teach me again and again is that they take everything in their stride, noticing without judgement, and taking appropriate action from that place of noticing. I’ll work on embodying that lesson with surrender and and grace today.

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