Our Story

Supporting humans and equines to develop and realise their potential

HERD was born in 2017 as a result of Kylie's and Kate's shared vision to create an EFL Practice for English speakers of any nationality who wish to realise their true potential by harnessing the wisdom and insight of the horse. At HERD we enable humans and equines to work together, realising development and attaining dreams through the power of horses.

Although much of our work involves working directly with the horses, we also offer more traditional coaching services.  We bring our wealth of experience and competence, drawn from over 40 years of combined professional development and experience, to a wide range of development opportunities. The HERD difference is that all our practices are underpinned by the mindful 'horse wisdom' of our equine herd.

Kate and Kylie have both been keen equestrians since childhood.  Before moving to Luxembourg, we enjoyed rewarding professional careers in the corporate world and we are both mums who have juggled career and family.  We have experienced the unique ups and downs that make us human and from that has grown the empathy and the intuition that enables us to support the development of others. 


Our quest to make Luxembourg a genuine home for our families, a shared love of horses and a commitment to find fulfilling ways to contribute to our new community first brought us together.  Whilst living in Luxembourg, we have both enjoyed working as coaches, contributing to various voluntary groups and working as riding instructors.  Spending time with our herd led to a sense that horses had much more to teach us. 

Slowly, the horses who came in to our lives began to point the way to the next step of our journey.  We began studying the area of Equine Facilitated Learning and a new way to use our skills in an authentic and heart-felt way was revealed. In 2017 we decided to consolidate our wealth of experience in the fields of equestrianism and personal development and train with LEAP, one of the main awarding professional bodies for EFL in the UK. 

We are delighted to be able to offer our innovative blend of Equine Facilitated Learning, Horsemanship, Coaching and Mindfulness to English speaking children and adults in Luxembourg.

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