Find your equine equilibrium with HERD

“Mindfulness is about being fully awake in our lives. It is also about perceiving the exquisite vividness of each moment. We also gain immediate access to our own powerful inner resources for insight, transformation and healing.”  Jon Kabat-Zin

  • Do you sometimes feel like a spectator in your own life?

  • Are you too ‘busy’ to enjoy the simple pleasures life offers?

  • Have you ever felt that life was passing you by in a rush of ‘To Do' lists and commitments?

Mindfulness can help


Mindfulness is an invitation to cultivate a more aware way of being.  It offers ways of becoming more present in our daily lives.  This can sound like a ‘big ask’ but we can begin by taking some small and simple steps. 

Our Mindfulness sessions offer practical ways to:

  • Tune in and pay attention to your own senses

  • Notice what is happening in your body and your immediate surroundings

  • Cultivate the power of the breath

  • Experience the present moment more fully

Why Horses?

Horses are Zen masters when it comes to living mindfully.


They have a smaller neo-cortex than humans which means they do not ruminate on the past or worry about the future in the way humans can.  Horses literally live in the moment.

As prey or ‘flight’ animals they are highly attuned to the present moment and use all 5 of their senses, as well as their 6th, or intuitive sense, to pay attention to the present moment.  In this way horses can be our teachers.

As Jon Kabat-Zin writes, "In any given moment, we are either practicing mindfulness or, de facto, we are practicing mindlessness. When framed this way, we might want to take more responsibility for how we meet the world, inwardly and outwardly, in any given we moment.”  


At HERD we can help you take back your responsibility.

Group Programmes

We offer regular group events including:


- 2 hour group Taster sessions

- 8 week Mindfulness with Horses group courses

(the course involves 8 x 2 hour weekly sessions)

Contact us for dates and details of group events or to book a one-to-one consultation 

We can help you on the journey to ‘showing up’ more often in your own day to day life.  


Working with our HERD, we will help you develop awareness of your energy and physical and emotional self, moment to moment.  

One of the most powerful tools available to us all, to support, ground and centre us, is our breath.  We will work with our breath in different ways, both with and away from the horses, as a tool to bring us back down from our heads and into our bodies.


We will draw on horse wisdom, working alongside the horses as appropriate.  Through a blend of practical techniques, reflective activities and traditional sitting, standing and walking meditation practices we will help you build mindfulness into your daily life. 


Kate & Kylie both hold qualifications in Mindfulness, gained from Monash University.

What can you expect?

Through tailored one-to-one sessions and structured group events we offer the opportunity to pause and simply be. Talk to us about how our unique sessions can help you to:

- Gain full awareness of the power of the breath

- Tune in to the innate mindfulness of horse wisdom

- Experience the beauty of moments in nature

- Enjoy mindful movement through walking and yoga

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