Our HERD pensions come with a complete induction tailored to your level experience. They are also inclusive of regular HERD Horsemanship or Pony Partnership lessons. We offer 3 Pension Options.These can also be tailored to meet your personal needs. Whatever option you choose we will work with you to support you or your child in attaining your goals.

Unicorn Pension

Our Unicorn Pension is aimed at those who have never cared for their own horse before or parents
who are supporting their child in caring for their first pony.


The Unicorn Pension includes 1 lesson per week with a qualified
HERD instructor and 2
unsupervised visits each month for you to enjoy spending time with your equine partner alone.


Lessons can include a blend of horse care, horsemanship working
from the ground up and ridden work. We can also focus on EFL and self-development.  

Benefits = A weekly 45-minute lesson plus 2
unsupervised visits per month

Pegasus Pension

As you start to find your
wings, our Pegasus Pension enables more independence: perfect for those who are more experienced and confident around horses. 


This pension includes a lesson every second week, with a qualified HERD instructor.


Plus an unsupervised visit each week for you to put in to practice what you’ve been working on in your lessons or spend as you choose.

Benefits = A 90-minute
lesson every 2 weeks plus 2 unsupervised visits per

Centaur Pension


Our Centaur Pension is aimed at experienced equestrians who are
confident and competent in all aspects of horse care and


It includes a monthly lesson with one of our HERD instructors, trained in a range of horsemanship approaches including Marijke de Jong’s
Straightness Training and Mary Wanless’s Ride With Your Mind approach.

You also benefit from an
unsupervised visit each week to enjoy time with your equine partner.

Benefits = A 90-minute lesson every
month plus an unsupervised visit to
spend as you choose each week

Tailoring your HERD Pension

All HERD pensions can be tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, for example by including more lessons or unsupervised visits.


We can also review the frequency and duration of lessons to suit your needs.


As a HERD pension holder, you will benefit from a 10% discount on our normal
lesson rates.


Meet our HERD

Blackjack is a
Thoroughbred who we
have learnt was trained
to race in his youth.
He is kind, gentle and

Helios is the daddy of
the group. He is a 17
year old Anglo Arab

gelding and is a serious






Dexter is an 11 year old German
riding pony. He is very gentle and
is often the sentinel of the group

on lookout for risks.


Willi & Toudoux are our 2 Shetland
ponies - generous souls and big
characters with big hearts.

Like all ponies they
can also be



Contact us to find out more, talk about meeting your ideal horse or pony partner or to arrange to come and meet the herd.

HERD Pensions

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own horse or pony?  What has held you back?

  • Maybe it’s fear of the full-time commitment?

  • Or the costs involved?

  • Or maybe you’re worried you lack the knowledge & experience?

  • Or perhaps you used to have your own horse or pony and are now ready to have a special equine in your life again?

We can help you realise your dreams.

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