Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL)

"The horse aligns us with ourselves across all levels, including thinking, doing and being...horses are congruent with themselves, and if we are not, then there is a challenge to our misalignment. This challenge offers us an invitation because it shows us what can be possible when we are comfortable within." Margarit Coates

What is EFL?

A powerful process

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a unique and powerful form of coaching and facilitation.  EFL harnesses the wisdom and insight of horses, who work alongside a qualified human facilitator. Together, human and equine facilitator support the learning, growth and development of individuals or groups.

What are the benefits of EFL?

High impact, slow release , holistic personal development



Being human can seem like complicated business.  Major life transitions such as relocating to a new country, changing jobs, finding a new family home, giving up a full-time career or becoming a parent for the first time can create stress.  Searching for your own sense of meaning and fulfilment in your new country or supporting your child to thrive in a foreign education system can make life's journey even more challenging to navigate.


Kylie and Kate have both experienced the power of EFL first hand.  Working with horses and listening to the lessons they have to teach has helped us rediscover the freedom and ease of being.  This includes the confidence to realise our true selves with no masks or role playing.

  • Find enjoyment in the present moment

  • Develop stronger relationship with yourself and others

  • Recognise and maintain clear boundaries

  • Find your authentic assertiveness and gentle leadership style

  • Develop your emotional intelligence and resilience

  • Heal old hurts and move forward

  • Recognise and achieve your goals

So, what can EFL offer you?  By choosing to work with HERD we can support you to:

Return to Grazing

Sustainable change in all areas of your life

At HERD the welfare of our equines is paramount. All our sessions end with a return to grazing , whether in the field or enjoying hay in the stable. In this respect, as in so many ways, we can learn from the wisdom of the horse. Here are just some of the reasons why working with horses is so powerful:

Horses are prey animals. As such, they are finely tuned to interpret changes in energy and intention in those around them. This enables them to hold up a mirror to us, showing us the impact of our communication and offering feedback in a completely objective and non-judgemental way.


As flight animals horses are masters of living in the moment. They are always alert to what is happening NOW and do not waste energy ruminating about the past or worrying about the future.


In nature, horses live in cooperative social group called a herd. They are finely tuned to the needs and moods of other herd members, and, communicate through body language. They establish clear boundaries and, when necessary, air and resolve conflict in a straightforward way.


Through developing an awareness of how horses interact we can apply these lessons to our own human interactions, with ourselves and with others. Thus, we can begin to find our own personal path to harmony and balance - our own personal equine equilibrium.

What to expect

Every EFL session and programme is specially tailored to meet the needs of the individual or group. 

EFL for individuals - typically will involve an initial orientation session with your EFL Practitioner; followed by a series of around ten sessions of an hour to an hour and a half. Sessions will evolve to help you realise your individual development needs and goals.

EFL for groups - group EFL sessions may be organised around a specific topic such as assertiveness or Mindfulness. Group sessions can be tailor-made to meet your goals. We also organise group events.  Please see our News page for details of current and previous events.


We use our professional expertise and experience to offer corporate events such as team building and leadership skills. All corporate events are designed on a bespoke basis; please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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